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About HerRinda

A Kenyan made fashion brand devoted to the woman in every way. We believe empowering HER is empowering the society at large.

Her Rinda’s  Vision

Our goal is to help Her own herself through a divine fashion experience. It has been said that women dress for anything but themselves, we are taking our power back by dressing for ourselves. We aim to empower HER to not just look confident but be confident, go for what she wants and get it. She may not experience divinity and beauty everyday but even during these times we are there for her. #thesecretofstyleunveilsinyou #BlossomLikeTheFlowerYouAre

Our Promise To Her

Embrace her Wholly

Her size, her style, her personality, her preferences. Every woman has her own style, her personal idea of what fashion and beauty is, she possesses a unique swag. It is drawn from within, it is inborn. We help her find this through the divine fashion experience.

Embrace Creativity

Untamed creativity brewed from passion to tell Her story effectively. We are a brand that allows that passion to flow by inviting our clients to be designers and make their dream outfits a reality. 

Embrace true beauty

True beauty springs from within her. From how she thinks of herself and others, it is manifested in how she shows up in the word. We are a brand that helps bring more out of her by helping her show up as her best self even when she is not feeling her best self. 

Three Principles we live by


We are a woman’s fashion house focused on supporting women as they navigate the journey of life through fashion.  We stand for gender equality and women’s rights. We believe each woman/girl should have equal opportunities, equal pay to their peers, education, protection and health care. With this, we are looking to create opportunities for women to upskill themselves through ensuring that our employment is 80% women.  We host motivational sessions where women come and share their stories and this is accompanied by mentorship sessions. 


We value quality in everything we do. Quality products, quality customer service, quality delivery, quality customer experience. We aim to be the best and give the best. 


We believe in playing our part to make the world a safer place for the next generation. We achieve this through waste management, where we reuse all our fabrics to make beautiful pieces such as scrunchies. All our packaging is also sustainable as we use materials that can be easily recycled. We are continually learning and applying our learning to be better contributors to preserve our environment and world! Comment end  

The Business of HerRinda

Ready to Wear

An online fashion store that aims to serve the different aspects of the woman. From the workplace, to the dinner date, to church, to being a mum and beyond. These different aspects of HER are beautiful and we celebrate that by making sure she looks and feels her best.

Social enterprise

At HerRinda we are aimed at empowering women through building a community of women who love themselves and are there to help them grow and better themselves. We are keen on creating employment and training opportunities for women and Africa and creating a platform for women to network, share experiences, and grow. 


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